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What's Good (And Not So Good) About Change

I've had many staff people serving under me over the years. When an employee resigns, I see it as a positive thing. Well, sort of. It's not necessarily that I was looking forward to the day the person would leave. I enjoy working with those on my team. But I've always seen a departure as a new, fresh opportunity to grow personally and as an organization. It's a chance to make something happen or try something different.

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What's Good

If you consider change a new opportunity to grow, you can appreciate it a little more and likely view it more positively.

If things never changed, we would never discover what we were missing – the better idea, the more efficient procedure, or better team dynamics. Most times, change is the catalyst for something greater. But change introduces something else none of us likes.

What's Not So Good

When people say they don't like change, what comes next is where the discomfort lies – the transition. Transition is that period between what you are changing from and what you are changing to.

Transition is the period that begins with an end and connects what you were doing to what you are going to do. It can feel like a wilderness. Your team will need help, guidance, and care until the "new thing" becomes routine. People adapt differently. Even as dysfunctional as the old way was, some may prefer it simply because it's familiar. Remember the Israelites wanting to go back to Egypt? The wilderness was literally their transition period between slavery and the Promised Land. It wasn't comfortable at all. Your team may want to go back. Continue to nudge them forward gently. Remind them why you're making the change and help them along.

Transition is the not-so-good part of change, but don't be afraid. Embrace change, move through the transition with courage, and you will be better overall.

What About You?

What change have you recently experienced, and how did you navigate the transition?

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